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Investor Relations

Despite existing resolutions on a capital increase (see entries in Companies House), no further shares have been issued to date. A public offer is also not currently planned or intended. We prefer to carry out a listing once all conditions for admission have been met and at a favourable time.

The shares of apintra plc are currently not listed on any stock exchange and are therefore not publicly tradable (private equity). A private sale is difficult until the shares are listed. The shares of apintra plc have also not yet been deposited in CREST. CREST has been applied through the registrar and is in the review phase.

If you are offered shares in apintra plc by one of the currently almost 100 existing shareholders, please send us an e-mail to check the seriousness of the seller and to prevent attempts at fraud. Unfortunately, there have been a few incidents in the past. These have usually involved alleged fraudsters, some of whom discredit apintra in order to conclude transactions. These companies are not entered in any public register and do not have a valid call-back number, nor can they actually be found at the addresses they provide. Also, the domain is usually newly created (see We would like to warn you emphatically against these fraudulent persons and groups.

Neither apintra plc nor any of its subsidiaries offer or have ever offered shares in apintra. This also applies to apintra Inc., which in the past has only issued exactly 1.25 million shares as part of a share exchange. apintra plc now owns 100% of the shares in apintra Inc.

Existing shareholders have a current extract from the share register or can have one issued to them. A corresponding extract is as follows (extract). The entry can be checked as follows: scan the QR code with your mobile phone and follow the link contained in the QR code (by clicking on the link if necessary). Make sure that the validation link contains the domain name “” and that it is a secure connection (SSL). If in doubt, please contact us.

Please note that the information on all websites of the apintra group does not constitute a public offer to sell or subscribe for securities of apintra plc, neither in the Federal Republic of Germany nor in any other country, nor an invitation to submit an offer to purchase securities of apintra plc. They are also not to be interpreted in this sense.

The Investor Relations section is only available to existing shareholders (registration/login required) or qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) who have sufficient experience and knowledge.

Shareholders confirm to the company that they will fulfil their duty of loyalty and will not harm other shareholders. It is also confirmed that the information contained in the Investor Relations section will be treated as strictly confidential.

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