Digital innovation is a worthwhile goal

As a company, we are excited by the prospect of developing breakthrough technologies that change people’s lives. We are committed to constantly improving solutions, collaboration and relationships with our partners and stakeholders. And we are excited that we can transform the way we learn and contribute to changing market and device strategies.

We are ahead of the times

We don’t just follow our clients: we proactively develop new ideas and refine technologies so that our clients can stay ahead of the curve. We invest in our own ideas and focus on creating significant value for our clients and investors.

A trusting, human-centred approach

In the world of machine intelligence, humans can easily be overlooked. We reverse this attitude by trusting our technical experts to deliver exceptional results. We put the well-being of customers, consumers and our own team first. You could call it a humanistic approach to AI.

A transparent, open culture

The old way of thinking is that knowledge is power. At apintra, we see knowledge as a common tool for creativity. Sharing ideas is the catalyst for extraordinary breakthroughs, especially when combining solutions in different fields. Trust and open collaboration enable us to exceed the expectations of our clients and investors.

Through our corporate culture, our employees and partners can be their very best.

Our team is made up of people from very different backgrounds. Software. Physics. Engineering. Mathematics. Some come from general science and technology. Some have backgrounds you wouldn’t expect from a business management software company. But no matter where our employees come from, we all have one thing in common: we want to deliver the highest level of quality to our customers.

Our employees have room to breathe

There is no hectic pace at apintra. There are no weekends or long evenings spent crammed into an office working on a project. We know that excessive pressure and stress can lead to poor programming practices and lower quality results, so we do everything we can to avoid this.

Instead, we offer the necessary freedom to think and innovate. Everyone in our team has access to flexible working hours. This means we have the opportunity to balance our work and our lives outside the office. Our open-door policy also means we have the space we need when one of us needs to talk.

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