About apintra​ plc

apintra PLC, which acts only as a holding company, is majority owned by BeaR Capital LLC and is based in London, UK.

As a company that focuses primarily on providing excellent solutions to our European customers, we have decided to move our focus to Europe. This move will allow us to streamline our efforts and focus on our core competencies.

We are currently active in England, the USA and Germany. The apintra ERP products form the core of the apintra structure.

apintra PLC was founded in 2022 and emerged from apintra Inc., headquartered in the United States.

apintra® Solutions

apintra is all about digitalizing your business.

Our core modules have been on the market for over 30 years, and they stand for:

  • Reliability and stability
  • High speed even with large amounts of data
  • Highest security standards
  • Multilingual (interface and outputs)
  • Can be used on almost any device
  • Adaptable to individual needs
  • Fast implementation times

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Current company structure

Corporate structure of apintra plc and its affiliated companies

apintra%20structur Status: March 2024

Share Capital

Share performance, structure and significant shareholdings

There are a total of 194,844,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of GBP 1.00 each in circulation. Of these, Gerhard Hartkemeier genannt Sander holds 50,000 ordinary shares personally (as founder of the plc). A further 194,794,000 ordinary shares were issued in May 2023 as part of the acquisition of apintra Inc. as valued by an auditing firm.

In December 2019, apintra Inc. issued 1,250,000 treasury shares (preference shares) in exchange for software rights as part of a software swap. This corresponded to 2.5% of all shares issued (1,250,000 preference shares, 48,750,000 ordinary shares). These 1,250,000 preference shares were converted into 4,869,850 ordinary shares in apintra plc in May 2023. The issue ratio remained the same, with the preference shares becoming ordinary shares.

To date, no further new shares have been issued, either directly or indirectly, despite additional authorised capital resources. A public offering, if at all, will probably only take place as part of a listing.

The main shareholder is Bear Capital LLC and Optimal AI LLC in the USA. The person with significant control is Gerhard Hartkemeier genannt Sander.

Directors of apintra

Member of the Board

apintra plc is not operationally active. We deliberately keep the structure lean and prefer to engage external consultants and experts for all tasks at hand.

Gerhard Hartkemeier

Gerhard Hartkemeier

Director and Co-Founder




Dr. Stefan Flach

Dr. Stefan Flach