The apintra story

The first product version dates back to the early 1980s

The core of the group of companies is without a doubt our apintra ERP solution, which also includes production, network plan, staff time recording and production data acquisition. From the very beginning build on the basis of a relational database. Distributed by system houses and other software manufacturers with more than 1,000 installations worldwide.

The core also includes elements of Laticorp technology – installed more than 70,000 times in the US. In today’s version, we thus use elements like native language support for easy language switching.

Experience the power of millions of lines of code. Take advantage of apintra’s latest technology today.

Behind the brand name

apintra is a database-based manufacturer of business solutions (ERP) for industry, trade and services. In addition, we develop solutions according to the tasks of our customers.

The name ‘apintra’ stands for ‘application for industry and trade’.

Examples of industries that have used apintra technology

ERP solutions based on our core software were used here.

(more examples on the product pages)

Concrete formwork

Leading manufacturer of concrete formwork and support systems for modern concrete construction

Special features: Nested corporate network with worldwide data exchange. Multilingual version. Focus on cost accounting (direct cost and break-even analyses), individual, highly complex rental programme and rental invoicing for concrete formwork). Special features in production data and time recording.

Consumer electronics

German manufacturer of consumer electronics (high-end stereo systems and loudspeakers)

Special features: Multi-level, highly complex parts list structure. Pre- and post-calculations. Prefabricated components. The final production level (white, ash and oak sounding boards and interior of the speakers) was scheduled with route planning.

Special machine construction

Northern German concrete and marble plant and leading German supplier of artificial stone

Special features: Nested company network. Client solution with automatic transfer of order and production data to other clients, with automated invoicing. Consolidation of clients and profit centres. Cost centre and cost unit accounting with cost distribution sheets (accounting with public funds).

Furniture manufacturer

German furniture manufacturer

Special features: Financial management with complex processes for client invoicing, association invoicing, rebate settlement, individual payments with clearing of up to 500 invoices (simulation and allocation). Order processing with route planning and in-house lorry operations with monitoring.

Manufacturer of loft ladders

German manufacturer of loft ladders

Special features: Small-batch production, material procurement, production data and time recording, extensive merchandise management, in-house logistics, with various discount types and bonus accounting. Extensive finance and accounting system with association management.

Green waste recycling

Manufacturer of solutions and equipment for reducing and recycling green waste

Special features: Variant bill of materials with formula and/or as duplicate. Materials management, warehousing, external production with locations in Germany and Lithuania.

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